Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies Distributor

Congratulations! If you are here, you’re getting ready to move your company to the next level. Potential is what brings clients to Efficience

Are you a Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies Distributor?

How are you stacking up against E-commerce businesses?

Are you the next Jan-San distributor to be outgunned by Amazon and Big Box stores?

Do you have the tools necessary to thrive in this new marketplace?

Why does this matter?

The number of independent Jan-San distributors went from 24,000 to 4,000 since 1991.

This new landscape requires strong customer relationships, greater value beyond distribution, and redefining an industry with the high-tech tools of a new marketplace.

Those Jan-San distributors who didn’t make a leap to adapt their software systems and streamline their processes simply got overtaken.

Here’s the deal:

You have to redefine yourself, and you’ll need help in doing that.

Efficience helps reduce steps and costs by developing software and systems that deliver on evolving customer expectations.

We develop technology applications and software solutions for regional and national businesses in the janitorial and cleaning supply distribution industry.

We pride ourselves in our continuous working relationship with many of our clients since we started in 2004.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“Efficience allows us to play on a larger field while maintaining the level of service and solutions that our long-term customers expect.”

Monty Kilburn
VP of Marketing, Kelsan

“They are my go-to team. I would give them 5 out of 5 stars. They are incredible to work with. I have been working with Greg and his team for quite some time now and they never disappoint. I cannot recommend them enough.”

AJ Getman
Sr. Application Systems Analyst, Hill & Markes

What to do Next

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