About Us

Efficience is in the business of making life better for businesses.

We appreciate technology as a powerful business tool to make that happen.That’s why our clients keep coming back for more.

Efficience has developed technology applications and software solutions for regional and national companies in retail​, manufacturing​, distribution​, food service​, high-tech​, healthcare products​, training​, and higher education​. We currently focus on the Jan/San industry helping them with their ecommerce, mobile app and software integration needs.

Many clients have continued their working relationship since we began in 2004. As they compile ongoing business improvement results and their businesses grow, they discover more ways to use our custom software solutions​, ERP enterprise technologies​, Ecommerce​, e-learning​, and ​ mobile applications​.

We’ve spent more than a decade building global relationships with the people who make technology happen. That gives Efficience a knowledge bank of proven expertise that spans hundreds of projects. We’re highly experienced in databases, frameworks, libraries, plug-ins, data warehouses and integration. We’re fluent in the majority of programming languages and platforms including ​Kentico, Java, PHP​ and .​ Net to name only a few. That’s the ​least​ you should expect.

But, it’s more than high-tech.​ It’s our business experience. Our technology is informed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the American dream. Greg D’Amico, founder, began his career working on Wall Street with a successful investment firm that he helped build. Today, as a leader in a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, he appreciates technology as a powerful business tool to help clients succeed​.